Establishing cut-points for the response options of the HeadsUP Test, a new measure for use with youth post-concussion

Concussion Assessment and Evaluation


Current concussion assessments mainly focus on issues related to attention and problem solving. The HeadsUP Test adds a new element to concussion testing by assessing advanced motor skills. This new test will give therapists and athletic trainers and coaches a new tool to track motor recovery after a concussion, and will help guide their decision on safe return to physical activity after concussion. The data from this study from youth who are healthy will help us finish the scoring system for the HeadsUPTest.


Nick Reed, PhDVirginia Wright, PhD

Who can participate

Thirty youth ages 13 to 18 years who have not had a concussion in the last 12 months, do not currently have an injury limiting physical activity, and do not have a serious medical condition.  

What's Involved

A 1.5 hour testing session on the new HeadsUP Test at Bloorview Research Institute. Participants will be shown and then asked to perform the 18 speed, agility, balance, and coordination skills on this assessment. These are things like doing a triple jump, doing grapevine running pattern along the track, walking backwards on a line while naming things like sports, animal and pizza toppings (multi-task), and doing a bean bag pick-up shuttle run.


April 2015

Interested in participating

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