Brain change after Fun Athletic Sports-skill Training (BeFAST)

BeFAST Study


This intervention study focuses on training advanced walking-based physical skills, like running and jumping, for children and youth with cerebral palsy.

We are doing this study to learn how activity of the brain changes after walking-based training. We will also study change in function and participation to see if these changes are linked to brain change.


Darcy Fehlings, MDVirginia Wright, PhD,Dr. Margot Taylor, Dr. Joyce Chen

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Participate in a research study looking at changes in brain activity and walking-based outcomes after an athletic training intervention!

Who can participate

Eligible children are aged 7-17 years with cerebral palsy that affects either just one side of their body or mostly their legs, and who can walk and run on their own without a walking aid.

What's Involved

Children will participate in an athletic training intervention at Bloorview Research Institute with 16, 45-minute sessions over 6 weeks (twice to three times weekly). They will have two brain scans, one done before and one done after their training. The brain scans will be done at SickKids using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Before, immediately after, and 6-months following the intervention, children will complete assessments to look at how they move. We will also ask questions about how the study is affecting their lives.

Participants will receive a small token of appreciation after each assessment ($20 gift card), and will receive small gifts (e.g. stickers, toys) after each training session to thank them for their time. Parking costs at Holland Bloorview and SickKids will be paid for.

Interested in participating

We are not currently recruiting at this time.

Funding Agency

Ontario Brain Institute

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