Quality improvement plan and progress reports

We always strive to improve care at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Quality and safety are our number one priorities. Our annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) guides improvements at the hospital while having a positive impact on the healthcare system as a whole.

Each year, we partner with many kids, youth and families who we serve, as well as our Board of Trustees, managers and frontline employees from across the organization to identify our quality and safety priorities. Check out our full plan or the quick overviews (for kids and families) to learn more.

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) - Quick Overview for Kids 2019 (PDF)
Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) - Quick Overview for Families 2019 (PDF)
Holland Bloorview Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) - 2019/20 (PDF)
Quality Improvement Workplan - 2019/20 (PDF)
Quality Improvement Progress Report - 2018/19 (PDF)


Previous Quality Improvement Plans

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