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Please note, masking is still mandatory at Holland Bloorview. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.


Training a covert speech brain-computer interface through passive listening

Call to action

We invite you to take part in a research study to help develop a communication device for individuals with severe motor impairment.

Who can participate

To participate in this study, you must be a right-handed adult (male or female) between the ages of 20 and 40, have normal or corrected-to-normal vision, be a native speaker of English, and have no health issues that may adversely affect the measurements or ability to follow protocol, including: hearing disorders, visual disorders, degenerative disorders, cardiovascular disorders, respiratory disorders, psychiatric conditions, metabolic disorders, neurological conditions (e.g. seizures) or drug and alcohol-related conditions.

What's involved

Participants will attend 1 to 3 sessions in the PRISM Lab at Holland Bloorview. Each session will be approximately one hour long. During each session, changes in brain electrical activity will be recorded with electroencephalography (EEG). During each session, you will wear an EEG cap fitted to the size of your head. We will place small probes through holes in the cap that touch your scalp. These probes require electrode gel to ensure good connection. This equipment does not cause pain or discomfort. Participants will receive a small token of appreciation, a total of $25 in gift cards, to thank them for their time.


Interested in participating

If you are interested in learning more about this study or participating, please see the attached flyer and contact Jaewoong Moon at (416)425-6220 x3260 or with your interest, and they will get back to you shortly. Contacting us does not obligate you to participate in the study.

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