Population Neuroscience - Our Program

Our program builds on a rich multi-modal database, established over the years by Dr. Paus and his collaborators. This database contains detailed information about the brains, genes and environment of more than 5,000 typically developing adolescents. It has been populated over the past 10+ years in the context of several population-based cohorts from Canada, Europe and Brazil: The Saguenay Youth Study, IMAGEN, the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, the Northern Finland Birth Cohort, and the High Risk Cohort Study for Psychiatric Disorders based in São Paulo and Porto Alegre, Brazil. We also work with large international consortia that pool together information about brain, behaviour and genes assessed in tens of thousands of individuals to provide a lifespan perspective on brain and behaviour: CHARGE, ENIGMA, and the International Cannabis Consortium.

Working with these datasets, we have contributed to new knowledge about forces shaping the brain maturation during adolescence, from sex and stress hormones, through cannabis to income inequality, to name but a few (for a full list of our publications, please visit Google Scholar for Dr. Tomas Paus). Our work is highly collaborative, spanning a number of disciplines, from physics and engineering, through genetics and epidemiology, to psychiatry, psychology and sociology. This is also reflected in the varied background of our trainees.