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This study will help Holland Bloorview know what service providers, clients and caregivers think about connect2care, Holland Bloorview's new client and family portal that was launched in January 2015. The portal lets clients and families look at their health records and lets them message their service providers.

Clients and caregivers in the study will do a short, online survey once in January 2016 and once in March 2016, and can also do focus groups at around the same time they do the surveys.

Service providers in the study will do a focus group once around February 2016 and once around March 2016. We hope to have 45 clients and caregivers do the survey, and 8-10 of these clients, 16-20 of these caregivers and 10 service providers do the focus groups.

Not much is known about client portals and how clients and families feel about them, so what is learned from this study can be shared with others and added to what we know so far.


Gillian King, PhD

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Who can participate

Who can participate: 

  • Clients (12 years of age and over) and caregivers (of clients of any age) who are using connect2care. Clients and caregivers should be comfortable reading English.
  • All Service Providers (no restrictions).

What's Involved

Clients and caregivers:

We would like all participants in our study to complete a short, online survey that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You would complete it once in January 2016 and once in March 2016. Participants who complete both surveys will receive a small token of appreciation, a chance to win 1 of 3 $100 giftcards, to thank them for their time.

We would like some of our participants who are doing our survey to also participate in two, 1-hour focus groups at Holland Bloorview that will happen around the same time as the surveys. Focus groups will be offered during the day (10am-2pm) and after school/in the evening. Participants will receive a small token of appreciation for each focus group, a $10 gift card, to thank them for their time. Participants in the focus groups will have the same chance as those participants only doing the surveys to win 1 of 3 $100 giftcards, if they complete both surveys.  

Please note that you need to be registered to use connect2care in order to participate in this study.

Service Providers:

We would like you to participate in two, 1-hour focus groups at Holland Bloorview. One focus group will happen around February 2016 and the other will happen around March 2016. Focus groups will happen during scheduled work hours. 


November 30, 2015

Interested in participating

Recruitment is closed at this time.

Funding Agency

Canada Health Infoway ($20,000), 2014-2016

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