Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT)

Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT)


Watch the video to learn about our work in VRT from the Director of the PEARL Lab, Dr. Elaine Biddiss.

We are developing a low-cost, home-based VRT platform focused on therapeutic interventions for CP, that capitalizes on children’s interest in video games and their potential for enacting neuroplastic change through repetitive play, increased motivation, feedback, and increasing levels of complexity.

Games have been developed that enable us to impose “virtual constraints” to encourage use of the hemiplegic limb by disproportionally rewarding the hemiplegic hands use in bilateral games and requiring its solitary use in unilateral games.

Current development is focused on endowing the system with more accurate motion capture abilities for fine motor movements, greater capacity for customization to each child’s individual abilities and disabilities, and packaging the individual games into an integrated game platform that is engaging and fun.

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Elaine Biddiss, MASc, PhD

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Funding Agency

Ontario Brain Institute ($7,500,000).

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