Verbal Fluency and Verbal Learning and Memory post concussion in youth athletes

Concussion Management and Rehabilitation


As youth are in a period of rapid and substantial neurodevelopment, they are more vulnerable to the effects of concussion. As a result, they experience more protracted rates of recovery when compared to adults. Youth may also experience long term implications in overall functioning as it often challenging to identify the symptoms of concussion in the context of placing high value on engaging with friends, family, sport and other valued activities. Verbal fluency and verbal learning and memory are two higher order neurocognitive domains that are critical to a youth’s development; these domains are affected by concussion, which impacts a youth’s ability to learn new information in their environment.

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Nick Reed, PhD, Melissa Paniccia, Sabrina Agnihorti, Ilyse Lax

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Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

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