Understanding the cultural, social, and physical environment of the Spiral Garden: An arts-based inclusive community for children with and without disabilities


The aims of this six-month, mixed-methods research project are: (1) to define the nature of the Spiral Garden program, including its major intents, elements, and ways of operating, and to examine whether (and to what extent, and in what ways) there has been an evolution in the intent of the program since its inception, and (2) to gather information to describe the nature of the cultural, social, and physical environment of the Spiral Garden. We are interested in the intended nature of this environment (as determined by interviews with expert staff members from a mix of disciplines/backgrounds, and through examination of archival Spiral Garden documents produced over the years), and whether this vision is achieved (as determined by observation of the sessions and through the use of a standardized measure of environmental qualities). 


Gillian King, PhDShauna Kingsnorth, PhD

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Funding Agency

Holland Bloorview Foundation Centre for Leadership in Participation and Inclusion. ($11,000), 2013-2014 

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