Knowledge translation simulations

Simulation is a powerful education tool and a type of knowledge translation (KT) strategy. The Evidence to Care team has been exploring how simulations can be used to develop capacity in KT, with the aim of providing transformational learning opportunities for in clients and families, trainees, clinicians and researchers.

Simulation educators, KT experts, clinicians and other key stakeholders created a series of simulations that focus on educating others about knowledge translation. Please note that these simulations are intended to act as a conversation starter and do not necessarily reflect best practices in KT. Consult with your local KT team for assistance with KT practices.

Reflective questions:

  1. How do you think each of the individuals felt in the situation? Why do you think they felt like that?
  2. How successful was the approach used by Justine? Why?
  3. What could have been done differently?
  4. What strengths did the researcher and staff member have?
  5. What are the main messages you will take away from this scenario?

As you watch these simulations on your own or as a group, keep these questions in mind. These questions can be used as part of a group discussion.

Simulation #1 Having a conversation about the role of KT

Simulation #2 Engaging others as part of the KT process