Feeding and Swallowing Handbook

Optimizing a child’s feeding and swallowing function is an important part of the overall care for children with physical and developmental disabilities. However, achieving this goal can be a complex process for clinicians and an emotional journey for caregivers.

The Holland Bloorview Feeding and Swallowing Team, in partnership with Evidence to Care, have developed an evidence-based handbook to help guide clinical decision making during clinical evaluation and management of pediatric feeding and swallowing issues. The PDF document is available for free download by clicking on the link and/or image below.

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Feeding and Swallowing Handbook (PDF)

This handbook is a compilation of best evidence and practice to assist clinicians in assessing and treating feeding and swallowing issues in children with physical and developmental disabilities.


Handouts for clinicians

Feeding according to developmental level (PDF)

A table about 6 developmental stages children go through as their oral motor skills develop and which foods are appropriately provided at each stage that align with typical development. The information focuses on progressive development of skills rather than acquisition by a particular age.

For more information refer to the handbook.

Feeding and swallowing framework (PDF)

A versatile tool that can be used to guide your evaluations, summarize recommendations for families, and teach students feeding and swallowing practice fundamentals.

For more information refer to the handbook.