A Self-Management Approach to Youth with Persistent Concussion Symptoms

Concussion Management and Rehabilitation


This study will help service providers, clients and families at Holland Bloorview better understand if a self-management approach is useful in helping youth with concussion symptoms to participate in the activities that they need, want and are expected to do. A research therapist will teach youth to use a self-management approach and guide them to use this in activities that are of importance to them.  This research is important as not much is known about the potential therapies to help youth with recovery and managing daily activities following concussion. 


Nick Reed, PhD,Anne Hunt, PhD

Participate in this study

If you are a youth experiencing difficulty in everyday activities, have had concussion symptoms for over 3 months and would like to try a self-management strategy to help you manage your daily activities, consider participating in our study.

Who can participate

  • Youth between 10-18 years of age who have persistent symptoms and/or difficulties participating in daily activities and are at least 3 months after injury. Youth should be English speaking.
  • Youth must be able to identify goals that they want to work on in the study.
  • Youth are not eligible to participate if: (1) they have had a second brain injury in the past 6 months prior to there current injury, (2) diagnosis of developmental delay or serious mental health conditions, (3) they are unable to provide informed consent.
  • Parents can also participate (no exclusions)

What's Involved

  • Pre-intervention assessment (for 1-1.5 hours) at Holland Bloorview where youth and their parent will complete an interview and questionnaires about symptoms and activities of daily living.
  • A research Occupational Therapist (OT) will come to the participant’s home for 10 sessions over a 7-week period.
  • Participants will be asked to return to Holland-Bloorview at the completion of the 10 sessions and again in 3 months time.  At these appointments, participants and their parents will re-do the initial assessments and will be asked their opinion about the intervention.  


August 30, 2015

Interested in participating

If you are interested in participating in this study or have additional questions, please contact Melissa Paniccia at mpaniccia@hollandbloorview.ca or Dr. Anne Hunt at ahunt@hollandbloorview.ca or by phone at 416-425-6220 x6495 with your interest, and we will get back to you shortly. Contacting us does not obligate you to participate in this study. 

Funding Agency

Ontario Society of Occupational Therapy Research Fund Strategic Priorities Grant, $5,000 

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