Home Schooled Swim

Home Schooled Drop-in Swim

This is a recreational swim time for children who are being home schooled to have an opportunity to be active, splash and have fun together. Our admission standards require that any child under the age of 7yrs must be supervised, within arms reach, in the water by a person of at least 18yrs. of age. Each adult may supervise a maximum of two children. Children between the ages of 7yrs and 11yrs must be accompanied in the pool by a person of at least 18yrs. of age.

Thursdays 1:00-1:30pm (March 30 to June 8)

Cost: $3.50 per person
(Please bring exact cash with you)

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Participants 12yrs. of age or older who require support or supervision in the change rooms or who need assistance getting into or out of the pool must bring someone with them for this purpose. There is no charge for attendants who are required for in-water support for these swimmers.

Pool Temperature:
Water temperature in pools can fluctuate throughout the day in response to a number of unpredictable variables such as chemical and water levels and bather load. Participants can expect an average temperature of 92 degrees, with variation slightly above or below this target being possible.

Pool Closures:
Occasionally our pool is closed unexpectedly. Please call our "Pool closure hotline" (416-425-6220 ext. 3065) to check our status before you make your way to the pool. This message will be changed as soon as a pool closure occurs.