Spina bifida and spinal cord services

The Spina Bifida/Spinal Cord team uses a multidisciplinary, family centred approach.  Clients are seen annually, or more frequently if necessary, in a clinic setting by various professionals as determined by the needs of each client. 

The team also provides intervention and consultation as required between clinic visits.  Services are provided by a pediatrician, ambulatory care nurses, physiotherapists, an occupational therapist, a speech-language pathologist, a social worker and a psychologist. 

The team also has access to medical consultants in the areas of orthopedics and urology.  To enable co-ordination of care of each child, the Spina Bifida/Spinal Cord team communicates with other involved community partners such as schools, the Community Care Access Centre, other medical facilities and government agencies.


Understanding spina bifida

The purpose of this handbook is to help children diagnosed with spina bifida and their parents/guardians, friends and others understand the condition so that they can make informed decisions regarding medical care, treatment and management in the present, as well as anticipate and plan for the future.

Getting ready for adult health care 

Moving to a new adult health-care team can bring mixed emotions including excitement, fear, relief or sadness. You have probably gotten to know many of the people who work at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. When making the switch to new service providers, it helps if you know more about how things work.

Getting ready for adult health care: Learn how things work

A timetable for growing up 

This transition tool, specifically created for clients with spina bifida, helps families and youth think about the future. It’s important to start early and plan ahead for transitions.

A timetable for growing up

My Checklist 

Holland Bloorview has developed "My Checklist" for people living with spina bifida. My Checklist is intented to promote discussion about health-management, skills, goals and future planning: Spina Bifida Checklist

Getting ready for adult health care: My checklist


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