Early learning and development

In the early years, building a strong foundation is the first step in ensuring that every child fulfills their individual potential. We believe all children benefit from an early learning environment that reflects the unique abilities of each child, and respects the importance of family.

We provide responsive, individual approaches to support all children and their families in their chosen learning environment, be it home, nursery school or child care. This also includes transition to school programs.

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"Learning in the early years must be based on quality, developmentally-attuned interactions with caregivers [and teachers] and opportunities for play based problem solving with other children that stimulates brain development." McCain, Margaret and Mustard, Fraser (2002)Reversing the real brain drain: Early Years Study. Ontario Children’s Secretariat. Toronto.


We provide transition support in our early learning programs at Holland Bloorview. To help you prepare for the next steps for your child, we have included this link to help guide you.

Ontario Ministry of Education - Special education

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