• Holland Bloorview recognized for 12 Leading P...
  • August 22, 2018

    Holland Bloorview recognized for 12 Leading Practices

    Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is a leader in developing innovative programs and initiatives that help improve quality of care within the hospital and across the health system. We strive to achieve best practices in care every day through quality improvement, and this past year we were recognized for 12 Leading Practices by the Health Standards Organization (HSO). This is an outstanding accomplishment for any health care organization and we are proud of the many dedicated staff members and family leaders whose excellence and engagement have made this possible.

    Leading Practices explore new ideas and solutions that demonstrate positive change, are client and family centred, safe and efficient. Our many leading practices go hand-in-hand with our commitment to safe, high-quality care while creating the most meaningful and healthy future for all children, youth and families.

    Congratulations to all the project leads and their teams! Thank you for your continued efforts to provide exceptional care and support for all clients and families.

    Learn about the programs that were recognized by HSO as Leading Practices:


    The connect2care portal provides clients and families with electronic access to their clinical needs, appointment information, as well as a secure two-way messaging system to connect with their care providers. Since its launch in December 2014, over 2,000 users are registered, and enrollment continues to be strong. Learn more.

    Helping Hands

    Helping Hands is a two-week Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy group program for children and youth with hemiplegia resulting from acquired brain injuries. Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social workers, music therapists, clinical students and volunteers provide invaluable and holistic support to clients in achieving their goals during the program.

    Schwartz Rounds

    Schwartz Rounds provides a safe, confidential environment for staff to engage in caring conversations, share vulnerabilities, and discuss how they cope with work-related stress. Holland Bloorview is the first hospital in Canada to adopt this program, and results over the past two years have demonstrated a positive effect on employee stress and patient care. Learn more.

    Patient Engagement Framework integrated vertically and horizontally across the organization

    This leading practice recognizes the full integration and equal decision making of the Family Leader Accreditation Group (FLAG) during Holland Bloorview’s accreditation process, as well as the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) process. The FLAG structure allows staff and Family Leaders to meet, plan, update, make decisions on and share quality and safety initiatives. To date, this structure has received three national awards and continues to garner recognition and support.

    Patient Safety Education Program for Family Leaders

    Holland Bloorview and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) collaborated to develop the Patient Safety Education program. This program is designed to ensure clients and families have an equal voice in creating patient safety solutions through knowledge and skills attainment. We continue to partner with the CPSI to create informative programs that improve the quality of patient safety at the hospital. Learn more.

    Standards of Care for Clowning

    Holland Bloorview is the first hospital in the world to create Standards of Care for their Therapeutic Clown program, inviting other organizations to follow their example. Our therapeutic clowns use music, rhythm, movement and physical comedy to bring warmth and laughter to staff, clients and families during their time at the hospital.

    Chronic Pain Toolbox

    The Evidence to Care team at Holland Bloorview created a resource called the Chronic Pain Assessment Toolbox for Children with Disabilities. The Toolbox was created to standardize the assessment process and to help clinicians with early identification and more appropriate management of chronic pain for children with cerebral palsy.

    Concussion Centre

    Holland Bloorview’s concussion centre consists of four components all designed to improve clinical outcomes and access to care for children with concussions and their families. These include pre-injury baseline testing, concussion education, early post-injury care and persistent concussion care. The concussion centre is the first kind in Canada and continues to advancing pediatric concussion research and education.

    Outcome Measurement

    Outcome measures are essential to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of the care we provide at Holland Bloorview. Outcome measures help us understand what our needs are in pediatric rehabilitation, ways to ensure reliable use of measures and how and when outcome measures can be implemented in a client’s care plan. In 2014, we created a repository of tools available in our electronical medical record for clinicians to measure the progress towards a client’s goals.

    Outcome Simulation Video

    Five unique simulation videos were created by Family Leaders, youth, clinicians and educational specialist to help clinicians provide education and support to clients and families in their conversations about outcome measures.

    Equity Lens

    The Equity Lens is Holland Bloorview’s commitment to ensure equitable practices in both the care we provide and our collective work environment. The easy-to-use tool for staff ensures discussions about equity, diversity and inclusion occur across the organization and that we reflect and support the diverse communities we serve.

    Family Leadership Accreditation Group

    When Accreditation Canada embedded specific client and family centred care content into their standards, as a hospital we set out to not only meet but to exceed these new standards. In 2016, 17 Family Leaders were enlisted to form the Family Leader Accreditation Group (FLAG) and fully partnered with staff on each of the hospital’s six accreditation teams to prepare for the fall 2017 onsite survey. FLAG members continue to implement the process to drive high-quality care at Holland Bloorview. Learn more in Hospital News.