The embodied experience of returning to school following an acquired brain injury: Body mapping with children following acquired brain injury

Return to school following ABI


We're trying to learn more about what it is like for kids to transition back to school after an acquired brain injury. We will used art-style participation to work with kids to learn more about their experiences.


Gillian King, PhD

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Have you or your child experienced an acquired brain injury in the last two years that you were hospitalized for (even one night)? Have you returned to school? Consider participating in an arts-based research study about transitioning back to school after an acquired brain injury.

Who can participate

Children who have transitioned back to elementary or middle school after hospitalization for an acquired brain injury are eligible to participate.They include children ages 6-14 who had the injury at or after age 6. They must be able to understand questions and instructions in English to communicate with the researcher, be able to use art supplies such as paint and markers (with or without adaptation), and be able to see well enough to create the body map (with or without glasses or aides). They must live in/near or travel to the Greater Toronto Area for sessions. They cannot have pre-existing chronic health conditions.

What's Involved

Study participants will participate in three hour-long body mapping sessions. Body mapping involves tracing the body (either lying down or sitting up) on life-size paper, and filling it in with drawings about the journey back to school. Participants will receive a small token of appreciation ($10 gift card) to thank them for their time.


Recruitment is closed at this time

Interested in participating

If you are interested in participating in this study or have additional questions, please contact Laura Hartman at or 416-425-6220 ext 3532 with your interest, and she will get back to your shortly. Contacting us does not obligate you or your child to participate in the study.

Funding Agency

Holland Bloorview Centres for Leadership Acquired Brain Injury and Participation and Inclusion

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

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