Development of a listening skill simulation intervention for pediatric rehabilitation therapists


Listening and communication skills are core competency areas for all health professionals. Although pediatric rehabilitation therapists’ listening skills are essential to children’s and parent’s satisfaction with services, and the quality of children’s outcomes, few simulation interventions have targeted training of listening skills in rehabilitation. The project objectives are (1) to develop a DVD of simulated therapist-client interactions exemplifying problematic listening-related situations in the pediatric intervention context, and (2) to conduct a pilot study using these simulations in a comprehensive, state-of-the-art intervention that includes repeated exposure to a series of listening skill simulations, guided debriefing in interprofessional discussion groups, and individualized coaching designed to move skills into practice. This pilot study will enable the research team to conduct a randomized controlled trial of the simulation intervention. The outcomes of the present project also include the development of a series of listening skill simulations ready for dissemination and use in educational interventions. 


Gillian King, PhD, Michelle Servais

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SIM-one Simulation Research and Innovation Grant (2013-2015), $24,855

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