Coaches and concussion: What is the current knowledge base in youth sport?

Concussion Education and Knowledge Translation


Youth coaches are invited to participate in a research study aimed at understanding coaches knowledge of concussion symptoms and safe return to play. We will also be collecting data about where coaches obtain concussion information. The goal of this study is to understand the knowledge base that coaches currently have regarding concussion, which we hope will help inform future educational programs. 


Nick Reed, PhD,Mrazik, M., Guo, D.

Participate in this study

Contact Lee Verweel at or the primary investigator Dr. Nick Reed at 

Who can participate

Male and female coaches ages 18 and over have been invited to take part in this study. We will be collecting data from coaches across Canada. 

What's Involved

Coaches will be completing a survery online using Fluid Surveys. This survey will measure four main outcomes. (1) Resources where coaches obtain information about concussions, (2) perceptions of variables associated with concussions, (3) knowledge level issues associated with concussions, and (4) decision-making practices in regards to concussion management. This survery should take you 5-10 minutes to complete and each participants identity is completely anoymous.


This is an open project. 

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