Shaping the future for Holland Bloorview

Message from Julia Hanigsberg, President and CEO

As we close out the final year of Leadership in Childhood Disability 2012-2017 we have the opportunity to carve out our priorities for the next stage of our future. Now is the right time to pause and reflect on the impact we have already had in creating better care and a more inclusive world for our clients and families, and to create a bold and aspirational strategy for our future.

How will we do this? By asking big questions. Led by the board of trustees, everyone who works at Holland Bloorview, along with clients, former clients, families, volunteers, donors, partners along continuum of care in healthcare, children’s rehabilitation, adult services and other sectors of impact to our work with children and families, will have a chance to contribute their insights and experience to help inform the questions. We will then be diving deeper into the themes that emerge. By spring we will be finalizing our goals and objectives.

We look forward to hearing your voice as we develop our plan for the future ahead.

Strategic Updates

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