2011 Recipients - I.D. Me!

Congratulations to the 2011 Power of Possibility awards recipients.

The multidisciplinary “I.D. Me!” team came together to create a campaign to meet two communications

  1. To improve provider compliance with the safety standard of checking two client identifiers before providing any service.
  2. To engage clients and families as partners in safety. The campaign raised awareness among clients – and reinforced to staff – that checking two client identifiers (e.g. name & date of birth) against a reference source (e.g. medical record, program list) before any intervention is important for preventing such adverse events as wrong person procedures or medication errors.

The “I.D. Me!” team included:

  • Sara Purves, Communications and public affairs
  • Gen Scott, Communications and public affairs
  • Judy Maheu, Quality and risk management
  • Ana DiMambro, Rehab and CCC
  • Nick Joachimides, Patient safety