2009 Recipient - Bill Johnson

Congratulations to Bill Johnson, our 2009 Power of Possibility award recipient.


Anthony Micallef, a first year student at Carleton University in Ottawa, had a vision for a device that would allow him greater independence while away at school. With limited mobility in his arms, Anthony was looking for a mechanism that would allow him to independently use his laptop and have a place to store it to keep it charged when it isn’t in use. He envisioned a docking station where he could load and unload the laptop independently.

Anthony approached Bill Johnson, Senior Model Maker at Bloorview with the project. With no commercial system on the market to address Anthony’s needs, Bill took on the challenge with enthusiasm. 

Once the docking station was complete, Bill took the docking station to Ottawa and assembled it in Anthony’s dorm room. The result: immediate success! 

“The docking station has given me so much freedom. I’m really happy that I found someone who found a way to do what I wanted to get done,” says Anthony Micallef. The device will have a lasting impact on his independence at school, home and eventually, in the workplace.

“I hope to be able to help many many more youth and adults like Anthony in their quest for independence,” says Bill.

Congratulations to Bill for this wonderful and innovative solution that will have a lasting impact on the lives of young students!