Holland Bloorview’s Volunteer Questions

One of our volunteers smiling at the camera

What is the application process for becoming a volunteer?

How long will the volunteer application process take?

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

What is the minimum time commitment required to volunteer?

What volunteer opportunities are available?

Are there volunteer opportunities in music therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy?

Are there volunteer opportunities in speech language pathology?

What are the requirements for providing a reference form?

What are the requirements for completing the criminal reference check with vulnerable sector search?

What are the immunization requirements?

Can I use my medical training as a volunteer?

Does volunteering lead to employment at Holland Bloorview?

What are the requirements to become a Pet visiting volunteer?

What is the process if I am returning as a volunteer to Holland Bloorview?

Can my child volunteer with me?

Does volunteer resources provide student placements and shadowing?

Am I entitled to free parking while volunteering?

I want to become a: